with Suresh Ramaswamy

August 6, 2022 —  San Diego, California

Waking Up: The Way of Light

The high vibration of transcendental Light is a powerful way to bring true change within every being on the planet. Let us turn up the Light for personal awakening and global transformation.

In this retreat, we will invoke Light and raise our consciousness to wake up to our true nature. Together we will envision and enliven a radiant field of Light that envelops the planet and bathes its inhabitants in an uplifting wave of beneficence.

Embrace this opportunity to experience your nature as an infinite being of Light. Let it shine forth bringing about the most benevolent outcomes, illuminating the hearts of all beings with your radiance.

Tasting Infinity Series

This advanced retreat is open to all—it is especially well suited for those who have a strong yearning for truth and have a regular meditation practice.

Expect an inspiring light-drenched time! The transformative potential is available to you simply by being at this event, this is something you do not want to miss.

This event is led by Suresh Ramaswamy. Suresh is the award-winning author of the bestselling book Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity. He has a unique and powerful style of presenting that engages the listener.

A Rare Opportunity

It is rare to have access to raw, undiluted truth. We are referring to the truth of your being—the fundamental truth underlying all other truths.

Over the course of the retreat, we will dive deep. There will be talks, meditation, discussion, Q&A, a power-packed, enjoyable and fun exploration.

This in person non-residential retreat will be held in scenic San Diego on August 6th, 2022.

Space is limited, previous retreats have filled up early. Reserve your spot at the earliest.


Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth


Get clarity on the most fundamental yet overlooked aspects of spiritual growth.


Eradicate misconceptions about enlightenment, self-realization, liberation.


Transcend limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Learn simple yet practical tools and techniques to refine your consciousness and cultivate awareness.

Beautiful Location

The retreat will be held at a secluded nature preserve nestled among the coastal wilderness of San Diego County. A beautiful labyrinth and miles of trails adjoin the retreat center.


Saturday, August 6th
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A delicious and healthy catered lunch is included so we can stay on the center grounds throughout the day.

Light of Infinity

The Light of Infinity is the fundamental emanation from which everything arises. Consciously entering into and entraining with the Light of Infinity effectuates a recognition of our vast nature.

The Light of Infinity Empowerment makes it more accessible and available. It can galvanize a quantum increase in inner Light, for those who are receptive and yearn for a shift in consciousness.

This empowerment will be offered at this event to those who would like to partake of it.


Support Planetary Transformation

The transformation of consciousness on the planet is a supreme imperative. This retreat is being offered for a modest donation so more earnest seekers can attend and benefit. To register for the event, click here.

The entire proceeds from this retreat goes towards Radiant Field, a non-profit whose purpose is global transformation through Light.

Please visit RadiantField.org for more information. You can also make a direct donation using the link below.

Meet Your Retreat Leader

Leading this incredible retreat experience is Suresh Ramaswamy, author of award-winning bestseller Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity. Suresh is passionate about igniting and catalyzing the transformation of consciousness on the planet and brings a lifelong interest in personal growth.

Those who can see deep—mystics, spiritual luminaries, renowned intuitives and seers—have hailed Suresh as “one of the purest lights and clearest embodiments of infinity,” “a true spiritual master who lives daily in a glorious state of light,” “at an exalted level of consciousness rarely seen on the planet,” “a providential Emissary of Light” and “a true saint.”

“When being taught, helped or guided by Suresh, you will find yourself being transformed and awakened at levels much deeper than his words.”

Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Modern Mystic

Author of Soul Vision and Oz Power, Co-founder of World Peace Institute and The Center for Soulful Living

What to Expect


Cultivate awareness and direct connection with Infinity through meditation.


Mind-expanding interactive presentations will engage and motivate you and make Infinity relevant and interesting.


Discussion, Q&A and interactions throughout will make this retreat lively, interesting and fun.


The Light of Infinity Empowerment will be offered.

Tasting Infinity was out of the world for me.

I experienced a monumental shift and I am very grateful to you, Suresh, for your wise words and for holding us with the compassion and acceptance that emanates from you. You showed us how much we are cared for.

You have gifted us with the treasure of a million life times. I am speechless.

Thank you for this profoundly meaningful time.


Thank you so much for sharing Infinity with us all. Each and every retreat, I take it in on deeper levels and the knowingness gets stronger. I admire the being that you are and am grateful to splash in Infinity with you. 


The Tasting Infinity retreat isn’t for beginners… it’s for everyone! I loved the intimate, relaxed atmosphere, which created a focused environment for growth.

Thinking of going? Don’t think! Just be-gin signing up now!


The weekend was so good, I don’t know how to explain it. I was so immersed that I had no questions.

Some part of my mind is still realizing the immensity of what happened. This retreat gave me very new and refreshing perspectives and experiences.

The retreat is very empowering and liberating; I feel lighter and simpler.

And reassured that Infinity is possible for me too.


Precious Insights

COVID Update

We want the retreat to be a safe and comfortable experience for you. For this, we are taking many precautions. We will be following the COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC and the state of California for group activities. Thus, vaccinations are currently recommended but not required. We are keeping the enrollment low to enable more social distancing. The space where we meet has several doors allowing for good air circulation and there is plenty of space to go outside during breaks.

You also play an important role in helping us maintain a safe environment for everyone. We ask that everyone in attendance to take all reasonable precautions to minimize risk of infection. If you are experiencing any symptoms that suggest a COVID infection, or have been in recent contact with anyone who has COVID, we kindly ask that you stay home and stay safe—consider attending a future event with us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We appreciate your attention and look forward to seeing you at the event.

Reserve Your Spot

There is limited space and it tends to fill up quickly. Register today and claim your spot. What are you waiting for?