Pathway to Light

Your quest for the most fundamental and profound truths has brought you here. The journey back to discovering your essence can be a beautiful exploration. When we choose to be conscious of our inner growth and actively pursue it, the transformation process becomes more enjoyable. And when we choose the path of Light, it becomes increasingly joyful.

We have created for you a clear pathway to make the way back direct and fast. We recommend delving into the following resources in the sequence listed to learn more and apply the transformational teachings of Light offered by Suresh.

Just Be Yourself

Exceptional Docu-interview

A heart-to-heart conversation with Suresh, founder of Radiant Field, covering a range of topics on personal transformation, including his discovery of deeper truths. Here is a recent viewer comment:
“Wow, this is brilliant! Suresh explained how I was feeling perfectly. So much true wisdom here in one video! I will be listening to this many times, as this is a very wonderful message indeed.”

The Pure Joy of Simply Being

Beingfulness is simple presence as essence with what is in your sensate field and in your inner awareness. This amazing way of being brings forth great joy from within. It is a pristine joy that does not depend on external factors or desirable happenings.


Tune into Infinite Light

Transcendental Light

Suresh shares profound insights about Light. There is much more to Light than we realize. Higher dimensional Light transforms, heals and uplifts our consciousness.

In less than 3 minutes, learn about Light and directly experience it. You will emerge inspired and infused with Light.


Concise and Packed with Insights

Key concepts, powerful techniques, and even an energized pattern to uplift your consciousness are included in this 2-page PDF.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What is Beingness?
  3. Ways to ease into Beingness
  4. Release difficult emotions
  5. Phases of growth
  6. Affirm your infinite nature
  7. Raise your consciousness
  8. Awakening Infinite Radiance (AIR) summary 

You can receive this for free by email simply by asking.

Awaken to Your Infinite Nature

Just Be

Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity

Just Be. Profound, potent, powerful. Just Be’s essential message is simple. Just be who you are. Who you are is pure essence.

Suresh Ramaswamy has created this indispensable resource charged with high vibrations of light, designed to take you to your highest potential. You will discover what life is truly about, learn practices to experience a deeper reality rooted in beingness, and understand how to live from that reality.

Uplifting, inspirational, and overflowing with beautiful jewels of wisdom, Just Be will transform you, leading to a life of infinity pulsating with love, peace, and joy.

How to Navigate through Life

COVID and other changes around us at this time can be unsettling. Watch these two sessions to be uplifted by powerful Light. Learn transforming insights to navigate this daunting phase.

In this two part video series of about 1-hour each, you will learn about the essence perspective on suffering, the significance of the global changes afoot, meditative tools to bring Light for alleviating personal and collective suffering. You will also learn about solar gazing and an uplifting guided meditation. 

Light for Challenging Times

Tasting Infinity

New Guided Meditation with Hemi-Sync

Taste the infinite nature of your being. Raise your vibration and experience quantum shifts in your consciousness.

This Hemi-Sync recording uses complex, multilayered audio signals, which act together to create a resonance that is reflected in unique brainwave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness.

Available May 10, 2021.


Unifying Guided Meditation

Let Suresh guide you to higher states of consciousness.
You can now access Suresh’s meditations on the free Insight Timer app or online.

Awaken to Oneness was referred to by one reviewer as “a truly magnificent meditation guiding us to the purest light.”

Awaken to Oneness

Emanate Light

How to Uplift the World

Invoke Light. Visualize it descending on you through the top of your head. Let it pass through you to the heart. From the heart, radiate it out to all beings on the planet.
Visualize a grid of Light covering the entire planet. You are a node on this grid. Every being is connected to this grid. Raise your vibration as high as you can and beam Light and Love to all.
Feel the flow of Light as much as you can. Know that you are making a difference. Keep it simple.
Learn more about our bimonthly gatherings and join us. 

Webinar Series on Consciousness

In this series of webinars that you can join from anywhere, we will explore various aspects of transformation, consciousness, light and meditation.

Living as Infinity

Transform Your Life

Course offered  in San Diego, California

Every challenge you encounter is an opportunity to transform, if you know how. This course shows you how to transform your consciousness from the inside-out based on spiritual principles, a journey of inner transformation that every mystic has taken.

Investigate ways to increase personal fulfillment and begin to improve your life in all areas – relationships, health, and abundance – each of which is a reflection of your inner state. Learn how to navigate life to increase happiness and contentment while also tackling the grander purpose for which you are here. Transform your life through spirituality in action, and increase your understanding of:

  • Dynamics of transformation
  • Cultivating emotional balance and inner stillness
  • Expanding your consciousness
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Taking relationships to a higher place
  • Understanding the role of the subconscious in attracting abundance
  • Energetic perspective of body for a deeper level of wellness

The next offering of this course through San Diego Community College will be in Fall 2021.

A Rare Opportunity

It is rare to have access to raw, undiluted truth. We are referring to the truth of your being—the fundamental truth underlying all other truths.

This advanced weekend retreat is open to all—it is well suited for those who have a strong yearning for truth and have a regular meditation practice.

Expect an inspiring light-drenched weekend! The transformative potential is available to you simply by being at this event, this is something you do not want to miss.

Upcoming retreats in 2021-22: San Diego, Florida, India

Tasting Infinity Retreat

River of Light

Building Light Circuits

River of Light is a powerful technique to restore, recharge, and rejuvenate the circuits that carry Light. The ability to conduct more Light allows us to raise our consciousness higher and be more powerful radiators of Light on the planet.

To practice River of Light, connect with the cosmic sun above and earth below. Visualize a current of Light from earth traveling up through you to the sun. Pause and dissolve into the sun. Then bring the Light down through you back to earth.

This details of this technique are described in Just Be.

Powerful Empowerment

The Light of Infinity is the fundamental emanation from which everything arises. Consciously entering into and entraining with the Light of Infinity effectuates a recognition of our vast nature.

The Light of Infinity Empowerment makes it more accessible and available. It can galvanize a quantum increase in inner Light, for those who are receptive and yearn for a shift in consciousness.

This empowerment is offered at retreats and other special events.

Light of Infinity

Light Infusion

Upgrading all Systems with Light

Would you like to uplift every area of your life to the super high frequencies of Light? Join us for this unique event—a powerful offering inspired by Light itself! A magnificent empowerment from higher dimensional Light awaits you.

In this series, offered in January and July, we will invoke Light so the grace of transcendental Light pours down on us. When invoked with earnestness and heart, the grace of Light infuses the depths of our consciousness awakening us to sublime truths. Leaving us transformed in deep and profound ways.

These Light Infusions have embedded Light codes optimal for each individual at this moment in time. These codes are not expressible in symbols or language but are built in to the light frequencies flowing from higher dimensions directly into your being.

Temple of Clarity Presentation

Suresh spoke at the Temple of Clarity on the topic Your Infinite Nature. In this informal presentation, he describes the journey of transformation and how life experiences expand our consciousness, leading us to the truth of our being—Infinity.

Your Infinite Nature

Art of Being

Learn Awakening Infinite Radiance

Awakening Infinite Radiance (AIR) is the core practice that Suresh teaches for cultivating awareness.

Aumhum, a new app, offers you an easy-to-follow mini-course with Suresh called The Art of Being where you can learn AIR, and how to cultivate a sitting practice.

The course also covers the art of being going beyond meditation to a new way of living.

Available now on your smartphone. 

Spirited Dialog about the Evolutionary Journey

This spirited and fun-filled conversation with Atlas was broadcast live on many channels. Partake in the delight of this informal exchange as we cover profound topics.

Live as Infinity

Accelerated Growth Program

Six-month Mentoring Program

Are you ready to take your life to new heights? Does the possibility of releasing fears and self-limiting beliefs feel like a huge relief? Has deep fulfillment been elusive, are you finally thirsty enough to make it real? AGP is a program to help you to do exactly that, if you are ready and committed to make the leap.

AGP is designed to give you a deeper understanding and help you apply the ideas and concepts over a period of time so it is integrated and real in your life. It brings together a small group of growth-oriented individuals to inspire and support each other on their journey. The next offering will be from July – December 2021.

Spiritual Wildfire Summit Interview

We live in extraordinary times… both exceptionally promising and radically uncertain. Suresh is interviewed at the global summit Igniting the Worldwide Spiritual Wildfire We Need Now. This interview “is excellent and opened a door to another level of consciousness bringing in harmony and balance to my life,” said one viewer.

Inner Transformation

Light Activation

Experience a Spontaneous Activation Meditation

Recorded as part of the Podcast for the Soul interview with Nico, this activation has been oft-requested and is being made available on its own.

Spiritual Transformation

In this inspired conversation between Suresh and Silvia, you’ll hear about transforming by raising your vibration. Learn about the amazing power of Light, how to deal with emotions, heaven and hell, and more!

Raise Your Vibration

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