Radiant Field

Global Transformation with Light

Awakening Consciousness

The time has come to wake up to our infinite nature.

As we get in touch with our essence, we begin to live in a state of pure beingness. Actions emerge from beingness; actions that are wholesome and unitive.

We remind ourselves of this awakened approach with two simple words: Just Be.

At Radiant Field, we are inspired to transform and uplift the consciousness of our beautiful planet. We envision a world of unity and love.

Radiant Field is a non-profit organization based in California, USA.

The Power of Light

Let us turn up the Light. The high vibration of transcendental Light is a powerful way to bring true change within every being on the planet.

Evoke Light joyfully. See Light blazing onto the planet from above. 

Embrace your nature as an infinite being of Light, let it shine forth bringing about the most benevolent outcomes. Illuminate the hearts of all beings with your radiance.

A radiant field of Light is here!

Magic and miracles abound.

Small is Big

Every moment matters.

Every breath matters.

Every prayer matters.

Every being matters.

Every meditation matters.

Every intention matters.

Your participation is critical.


Join Us to Bring Light


We invite you to join us in this grand and noble initiative. Even a small group of inspired individuals can bring about colossal change. Let us be that change. 

There is no cost for being part of this movement.

Become a Light Emanator!

Radiant Field | Global Transformation through Light


Radiant Field was founded by Suresh Ramaswamy, based on an inspiration from the field of Infinity.

He is the award-winning author of Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity.

Radiant Field is a non-profit organization tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of federal tax laws.