Request Light for Yourself or Others

Life can be difficult at times and we all could use extra help during such phases. Sometimes we need a boost of Light to reach our highest aspirations too. It is perfectly fine to request Light in either situation.

Radiant Field Light Emanators are spread all over the world and send Light daily to the entire planet, including those who have requested Light. We love you and care about you; this service is offered at no charge.

If you would like us to request Light for a specific recipient, you can do so here. The recipient can be yourself or another person. You can also request Light for a group such as an organization or even a country. You can request Light for your pet, or even for a purpose like healing the past.

What to Expect

We will put your request on our special Light recipient list for two months. You can be assured that the recipient will receive assistance at the deepest levels of their being. This can bring about transformation, healing, and a return to higher order in a way that is for the greatest good. Light brings about miracles, especially when we see through the eyes of Infinity. We would love to hear from you about improvements you see. Please share any feedback through the Contact page.

Please note that this service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease or condition or replace a consultation or treatment by a licensed medical professional. Please contact a licensed medical professional for your health needs.

Submit Your Request

You can submit your request by filling out this form. This service is offered at no charge; we do appreciate your donation towards our efforts to raise consciousness.

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