Emanating Light to the World | Free Public Event

In a world yearning for transformation, the opportunity to elevate our collective consciousness is not just a possibility, but a profound responsibility. We are thrilled to invite you to the Light Emanation gathering dedicated to harnessing Light from higher dimensions.

The sacred act of Light Emanation is more than an event; it’s a pivotal moment in our spiritual journey. As we gather, we become conduits for Light, channeling its purity and transformative power to all sentient beings on Earth.

Let’s be the change-makers, the Light-bearers, and the harbingers of a new era of consciousness.

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Meeting ID: 825 2008 9450
Passcode: 906965

Saturday, May 18, 2024 @ 8 pm Los Angeles (US)
Sunday May 19, 2024 @ 8.30 am New Delhi (India)

This guided experience of Light will be led by a Radiant Field facilitator based in India. No registration required. 

Please extend this invitation to any soul drawn to such a gathering. This event is offered freely.

It’s All About Consciousness

Humanity has reached a critical juncture in its evolution. We are poised to reclaim our infinite nature—individually and collectively.

Radiant Field was conceived with the vision of uplifting humanity to higher consciousness. The challenges and dysfunction we see on the planet are all symptoms of lack of higher consciousness. Our unawareness of our true nature is the root issue we need to address. We are infinite beings. As we recognize and embrace our infinite nature, our outer life exhibits balance and harmony. It begins to align with our inner knowing of unity and love.

Become a Light Emanator ☀️

If you feel the calling to be a Light Emanator on a regular basis, we can’t wait to welcome you onboard. When you radiate Light, did you know you also receive the enormous blessings of Light as it flows through you?

It is not about how much time or resources you can commit or where you are located or your skillset. Your heart intention to help is what counts!

Transcendental Light

The high vibration of transcendental Light is a powerful tool to bring a quantum change within every being on the planet. Light shifts our consciousness by dissolving unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior based on a limited sense of self. Beliefs that don’t serve us evaporate leaving behind an inner space brimming with possibilities. Light infuses this space with inspired impulses that blossom into wholesome actions and fulfilling connections. We develop loving bonds with nature and all beings.

Bringing Light to the planet is the foremost focus at Radiant Field. Every pulse of Light brings us closer to the essence of who we are. When we get in touch with our essence, we feel whole and filled with love. This fullness informs our existence on the human level. Our actions are then motivated by wanting to express creatively to share Love and Light. We feel a soft undeniable connection with nature. Our relationships become a continuous string of joy-filled moments. We are elated simply to be alive. Our livelihood is motivated by service to the Whole. Light vitalizes our physicality and we ooze with positive energy. The sublime vibrations of higher dimensions become prevalent on the human level.

Emanating Light

The Light of higher dimensions can be accessed and radiated through our beings. We call this Light Emanation. Through this activity, we bring Light to the physical plane and make it more available to everyone. This Light uplifts and transforms us in powerful and profound ways.

Light Emanators are individuals who feel inspired by the Radiant Field vision of raising consciousness on the planet, and desire to serve and bring forth the highest vibrations—the Light of Infinity—into this plane.

Radiant Field: You are Invited

You are not reading these words by accident. You have been drawn to Radiant Field because it speaks to something deep in you. For many, it sparks hope and positivity. Something inside lights up with inspired energy.

You may be wondering what Light Emanators do and how you can participate. As the name suggests, Light Emanators radiate or emanate Light they access directly from Infinity.

Light Emanators first access Light by purifying and lifting their consciousness. They then share this Light with everyone through intention and joyful service based on unity and love.

The act of emanating Light not only benefits the entire planet but also the individual who chooses to engage in this joyful activity. As Light is conducted through the vessel of the Light Emanator, it infuses joy and higher vibrations therein.

Through the presence and actions of a Light Emanator, transcendental Light of higher dimensions is made more available on this planet as a radiant field of Light. This field uplifts and transforms the planet and every being on it.

Characteristics of a Light Emanator

The distinguishing features of a Light Emanator are pure intention, alignment, and heart-centeredness. A Light Emanator holds a pure intention to be of service to the Whole in bringing about a shift in consciousness. The Light Emanator aligns with the Creative Intelligence of Infinity and the way that this higher intelligence wants to bring about change. The Light Emanator operates primarily from their heart space, dropping to the heart for guidance while using their physical and mental faculties efficiently.

The most important way to raise the consciousness of the planet is to elevate one’s own consciousness first. Light Emanation provides a perfect avenue to work on oneself as well as impact the collective.

Intention is Key

To be a Light Emanator, your intention to serve Light and its creations must be pure, and you must be willing to grow. You don’t have to be an advanced soul or a perfect human being—each one of us can help in this way!

You don’t have to fully understand all aspects of the higher vision. The key is to feel inspired in your heart to serve. If so, we invite you to join a fantastic group of light beings who have come together to bring about higher good.

Light Emanation Meditation

Light Emanation Meditation is how we send Light to the planet and all the beings. It’s a daily practice that lasts for about 1-2 minutes (or longer if you wish). 

First, invoke Light. Visualize it descending on you through the top of your head. Let it pass through you to the heart. From the heart, radiate it out to all beings on the planet.

Visualize a grid of Light covering the entire planet. You are a node on this grid. Every being is connected to this grid. Raise your vibration as high as you can and beam Light to all.

Feel the flow of Light as much as you can. Know you are making a difference. 

That’s it! So simple. Together, we can bring about a higher order based on Love in a magical and beautiful way.

If you feel inspired to share Light in other ways, please do so!

Light-inspired Service

The primary contribution of a Light Emanator is to pause for a couple of minutes every day and consciously access and send out Light to everyone. That’s it! 

While emanating light is the primary focus, there is a place for other activities that are an outer manifestation of one’s selfless desire to help others raise their consciousness. At Radiant Field, the manifest approach to raising collective consciousness is to reflect Infinity through your vibration and actions.

Actions include sharing insights and wisdom about pure beingness. Suresh has shared about Infinity, the Light of Infinity, and pure beingness through his book Just Be, retreats, meditations, and talks. These are resources you can leverage and disseminate as a Light Emanator.

Additionally, there are many other ways to raise awareness and serve fellow beings, some who may have immediate life challenges such as lack of nutrition, limited access to education and shelter, or those who need physical or psychological healing.

Engaging in any of these activities is an excellent opportunity to develop and demonstrate soulful qualities—compassion, unity, love, harmony.

Those with specific skills and abilities such as organization, logistics, media, technology, event management, marketing, visual design, etc., can apply those skills in the service of raising global consciousness.

When you engage in activities to serve higher consciousness, you find that the blessings of Light naturally flow through you. This flow helps in awakening you to your true nature and deepening your realization. It also benefits those with whom you interact.

Support Radiant Field

We appreciate your generosity. Your donation helps us share educational resources and organize events to raise consciousness. Radiant Field is a non-profit organization tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of federal tax laws.

Practical Considerations

You may be wondering how much time and energy this will take. It can be just a few minutes every day! As a Light Emanator, your core activity is to spend a few minutes daily sending Light whenever you can.

If you choose to contribute in other ways, such as ongoing projects, you can serve as little as an hour every month, or you can serve several hours every week. Or you can simply stay in the loop and jump in to help from time to time. All these possibilities are welcome, and you can participate at the level you feel comfortable.

There is no formal membership or fees to join. The primary communication and coordination will be through the Radiant Field WhatsApp group, as well as periodic video conferencing calls, and email. We also have a conference call every other month to send Light as a group. You can join from anywhere in the world. Also, if you change your mind, you can leave at any time.

If this endeavor makes your heart sing and you want to serve alongside a group of inspired beings, this is for you!

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If you feel the calling to be a Light Emanator, we will be delighted to welcome you onboard. It does not matter how much time or resources you can commit or where you are located or your skillset. Your heart’s desire to serve the planet is what matters most. We also appreciate your donation towards our efforts to raise consciousness.

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